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MiCo helps medtech companies, digital health startups, and life science investors to

  • make the right strategic moves

  • create innovative solutions

  • build clinical & economic evidence

  • develop credible value propositions

  • bring visibility to their products and organization.


MiCo is located in the heart of the Health Valley* (aka Swisslicon Valley) and is proud of its worldwide clinical & research network.


* 700+ Medtech & biotech firms + 2 University hospitals (Lausanne & Geneva) + 1 world-renowned engineering school (EPFL)










MiCo was founded and is led by Frédéric Michard, MD, PhD

LinkedIn profile


Visionary critical care doctor 


Former Chef de Clinique at Assistance Publique-Hopitaux de Paris, France

Former Vice President, Global Medical Strategy, at Edwards LifeSciences, a California-based medtech company with >$3B annual revenues

MiCo is specialized in

  • physiologic monitoring (cardiac, respiratory, and metabolic monitoring)

  • graphical displays

  • the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT),

  • and wearable technologies.

Services provided by MiCo include

  • Discovery & Business Development. MiCo helps you identify disruptive technologies that will transform health care and your business.

  • Product Development. MiCo helps you develop innovative and differentiated products meeting real clinical needs. MiCo is expert in graphical displays.

  • Clinical Evidence. MiCo helps you define your clinical strategy, find the right partners, as well as present and publish your findings in a scientific, comprehensive, and impactful manner.

  • Education. MiCo helps you develop customized material (from slide decks to serious games) suitable for both internal and professional audiences. 

  • Marketing. MiCo helps you to correctly position your products and develop credible value propositions.

  • Health Economics. MiCo helps you build models demonstrating the economic value of your products and solutions.

  • Communication & Copywriting. MiCo is expert in medical communication and helps you design clear presentations and brochures, with a scientific yet accessible content, and simple, impactful take home messages

  • Visibility. Thanks to its worldwide clinical network and participation in international congresses, MiCo quickly brings visibility to your products and organization.



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